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The Management Team

posted 2014/4/15 下午 03:06:39

Koche Development Company Limited /Focus (Koche/Focus)

Focus Square is built by Koche Development Co. Ltd.. Founded in 2000, it is located in the business area around the Tainan City Railway Station, and has since become an important gathering place for young students in Tainan area. It is a tall, completely black, 18-floor building, with 5 floors underground and 13 more above. The building's main theme is Young Fashion, and it aims to lead young fashion trends, with restaurants on its top floors that offers a combination of good food and lovely view.

Focus Square is the only local Department Store in Tainan which does not belong to a chain store. It stands firm in the harsh competition in the market. In these years, it has involved itself actively in charity and activities of fashion, creativity or public interest; it also cooperates assertively with many colleges and universities of science and technology.
Hayashi Department Store is the ultimate embodiment of Koche Development Co. Ltd./Focus' effort to participate assertively in the empowerment of local culture and the creative industries. As part of the city's industry, Koche/Focus has given new inspiration to combine local features and talents to create a new culture display window for Tainan to the world.